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Alpha's Compromise
Alpha's Compromise

Alpha's Compromise


5.00 (9 ratings)
His demons aren't all they need to conquer.

Reeling from the loss of a family member, Sam is in an emotional downward spiral that he has no time for.
After massive casualties occur surrounding his pack, the Alpha Council comes knocking. As he provides them with the answers they seek, he finds himself left with a million more questions. When it feels like the whole world is against him, all he wants to do is lean on his mate—which is easier said than done.

Liliana is dealing with her own brand of complicated. Thrust into a new world of witches and werewolves, she isn’t sure how to handle her own problems let alone Sam’s.

With darkness and danger lurking around every corner, will the pair be able to compromise on their wants and needs—or will their dangerous lifestyles tear them apart?


Amazon Customer
Great sequel!

This book is fantastic. Lots of action. The lead female character really starts to come into her own. Can't wait for the third book to come out!

Lee Brothers
This story just keeps getting better and better!!

This is a great read, not your average werewolf story. I couldn’t put the book down. There are two werewolf packs now, Lily’s new pack and Sam’s. Throw in an evil werewolf Council that’s power-hungry and a group of witches trying to help and you’ve got a complicated story. Add in all the irrational emotions of people in great turmoil. Good stuff!!

Amazon Customer
Amazing follow up to Alpha’s Ultimatum!

Amazing follow up to Alpha’s Ultimatum! There are so many twist and turns that the ending of the book will have you reeling! I laughed and cried and I am so anxious to find out how this amazing story turns out in book 3. I love all the characters and can’t wait to read more!

Tina S

The continuation of Lily and Sam’s story will have you binge reading it all at once! So good and so intense! If book one hooked you, then book two will reel you all the way in!

Kinzie L. Michael
Wow great book!

Another great shifter story from Chaelee Garden. Sam and Lily's story continues as the outside forces and their relationship threaten their lives and the lives of their babies. Can't wait to read the next installment in the series.

Madeleine Booth-Smits
Love this book!!

Where to begin? I love this series!! I love this author!! This book is everything the first book promised and more! The twists! The turns! This book really is a rollercoaster ride!!! Be prepared to be shocked, cry, laugh, have your guys twists and then beg for more. Hurry up with book 3!!!!

Amber Barnes

Wow! Amazing story!! I couldn't put it down!!!!

Tracy Szendzial
You need to read me!!

Amazing read! Great up and coming young author!