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A Walk in the Woods
A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods


5.00 (3 ratings)

Sometimes our own unique abilities are just waiting to be found and sometimes the ones we've forgotten about are just waiting to be rediscovered.

Join bunny for A Walk in the Woods and follow her journey to self discovery in this charming tale for children (and bunnies) of all ages.

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Danger in the woods.

A bunny went out for a walking the woods and ran into a serious problem.
The weather was causing flooding, so she stomped to call the other animals and told them to flee until the danger was over.
Afterward she was crying because she felt she hadn't done enough, but a wise old owl told her how well she had done.
The bunny then accepted that she had done her best and felt better

Grady Harp
‘I hope you now believe, You’re greater than you know’ – discovering self!

Scottish poet/author Caroline L Thornton made an impressive debut in the realm of children’s books with SCARED OF THE DARK, followed that with THE BLUSTERY DAY, ONCE UPON AND EVER AFTER, and now she adds A WALK IN THE WOODS to her growing repertoire. Her writing is strong, her sense of rhyming is excellent and subtle – a must read for parents to children. With superb atmospheric illustrations by Maria Fenchenko, this is another jewel in Caroline’s crown.

Caroline’s fanciful rhyming technique is evident as the story opens, ‘A bunny’s day began, As happy as you please. She played and skipped and ran, And chased the honey bees.’ But bunny notes the flying skills of the bees, and is sad because she cannot fly. She continues her walk, encounters a hedge blocking her path. She burrows under the hedge and meets a friendly toad, but again she realizes she cannot swim like the toad. She forages ahead, leaping over mud and slime, and lands in a in a glade where her thumping sends a valuable warning to the birds and animals. Sad she cannot fly – or do much of anything! – she is consoled by an owl who underlines her positive actions and talents. Returning through the woods on her walk home, bunny now feels happy, realizing what she has – her own unique traits.

At book’s end there is information about rabbits and a fine ‘dictionary’ of words used and their meaning. Charming rhyming poetry highlighted by fine imagery, this is both a children’s story and an art book. Caroline L, Thornton has found her niche. Highly recommended. Grady Harp, September 21