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A Family Affair: Summer: A Small Town Family Saga
A Family Affair: Summer: A Small Town Family Saga

A Family Affair: Summer: A Small Town Family Saga


4.60 (441 ratings)
Heartache. Betrayal. Forgiveness. Redemption. It’s time to head back to Magdalena, New York, and spend a little time with the people we love to love and even a few we love to hate.

Eight years ago, tragedy struck the town’s perfect couple, Daniel “Cash” Casherdon and Tess Carrick, days before their wedding. That tragedy shredded their dreams of a life together and sent them fleeing Magdalena. Now, destiny has brought them back and the town is determined to see this couple mend their differences.

Angelo “Pop” Benito will lead the crusade to march Cash and Tess down the aisle with the help of The Bleeding Hearts Society, a garden group more interested in healing people’s hearts than helping a sick basil plant. But they’re not the only ones cheering for this couple’s second chance.

Who would have thought Nate Desantro would be giving advice on relationships, love, and marriage? But when a man finds the right woman, anything is possible. Add a baby to the mix; well, that’s pure “hero” material. Christine will offer her share of support and wisdom to Tess and stand up to an old troublemaker in the name of family and friendship.

From the fifty-something widow who is afraid to open her heart again to the pregnant friend who believes everyone has a soul mate, to Lily Desantro, the shining light who makes others believe anything is possible, Magdalena’s finest will rally to give Tess and Cash that second chance. But all the prayers and contrivances in the world won’t help until Tess reveals the secret she’s carried for too many years, a secret that could destroy her chance with Cash forever…

And if you’re wondering about Harry Blacksworth and his brood, you’ll glimpse a snippet of what he’s up to, but he’ll be back in full force in A Family Affair: Fall. Not only that—he’s moving to Magdalena with Greta and the kids! Can you imagine Harry maneuvering a lawnmower or carrying out the trash? Oh, but his past is going to catch up with him and then…Sorry…Harry has to wait for A Family Affair: Fall to share his misery and his story.

For now, enjoy the journey as you catch up on the lives of the residents of Magdalena. They’re waiting for you!

Truth in Lies Series:
Book One: A Family Affair
Book Two: A Family Affair: Spring
Book Three: A Family Affair: Summer
Book Four: A Family Affair: Fall
Book Six: A Family Affair: Winter
Book Seven: A Family Affair: The Promise
Book Eight: A Family Affair: The Secret
Book Nine: A Family Affair: The Wish
Book Ten: A Family Affair: The Gift
Book Eleven: A Family Affair: The Weddings, a novella
Book Twelve: A Family Affair: The Cabin, a novella
Book Thirteen: A Family Affair: The Return
Book Fourteen: A Family Affair: The Choice
Book Fifteen: A Family Affair: The Proposal
Book Sixteen: A Family Affair: Bonus Scenes
Book Seventeen: A Family Affair: The Homecoming
Book Eighteen: A Family Affair: The Decision
also: A Family Affair Boxed Set (Books 1-3)
and Meals From Magdalena: A Family Affair Cookbook

What happened before A Family Affair began? Check out the Park Bench series to find out.
Park Bench series:
Book One: A Family Affair Shorts: Destiny
Book Two: A Family Affair Shorts: Regret
Book Three: A Family Affair Shorts: Love
Book Four: A Family Affair Shorts: Heartbreak
Book Five: A Family Affair Shorts: Peace

Bonus Material: The first chapter of A Family Affair: Fall, the next book in this series.

KEY THEMES: injured hero, police and military hero, perennial garden club, aging and wisdom, second chance, matchmaker, destiny, return to hometown, secret baby.


A Family Affair Summer

Wow more people to get to know and the mystery behind them. The town is in every business and really caring of the people. This author keeps you interested on who or what will happen next ! Now onto book four and love the last part that tell who everyone is and how they are connected. I miss small town living.

A book that probably didn’t need to be written.

This was OK, just not really necessary for the rest of the story.
It was given 2* because Campisi is an excellent author. And the writing was very good, just not necessary for the overall story.
I will buy the “fall” book and hopefully it will be back to the good story telling.

Fawn Milliken
All of us need a second chance

Mary.made my reading so great with 17 bookS in. Her series.
I simply could not wait for my time to read each day and I.loved the long series as I knew the people and enjoyed each and every character. With the series I didn't have to learn all new characters every night. It did keep me hopping to remember all the different ones
I LOVeD all the books.

(ajk) avid reader

Read and Cash get their own story. O!ivia, Will and Ramona all have own issues to work through as well as ones to work through together. Secrets of the past and present are revealed. Gloria has either come to some great epiphanies or is up to her old manipulating ways in her last several months.

The truth in the lies of the past and present come forth a d the lies in the truth that may be there are always revealed in the end.

Another amazing read in a fabulous series. Looking forward to what is to come and more Li!y, Pop and the gang. Did someone say Gina might be pursued? Nah, that can't be. She has sworn off men. And what is up with Olivia? Hmmmm...

Rating: 4.8

Amazon Customer
First read but not last one

Held my attention from start to finish. Will definitely be reading more books in this series. Just down to earth and believable.

Amazon Customer
Book review

First time that I have read one of her books, I will. Be reading more in the future. Good book

A Critical Reader

This is another good romance by Mary Campisi. I did struggle a little with the dialog however. It didn't seem realistic, like some of the phrasing was more appropriate for the narration rather than the dialog. Also, what made Uncle Harry special as a no-nonsense rough and tough kind of guy was applied to nearly every single man in the book. They all said or thought "hell" and "damn," while the women didn't, a clear distinction between the genders here. I don't have a problem with those words, but I think it's too much to color them all that way.

The first book remains one of my favorites of all time, and as a general romance this is good and will surely be enjoyed by most readers. I may continue this series in the future, but I think I'll try other books by this author first. She is definitely a gifted writer.

Patricia Kelly
Five Stars

Awesome Book